Terms & Conditions

(Effective on 1 August 2018)


We, Bellugg Co., Ltd., a Thai limited liability company, aim to provide Services to all customers to enhance Customer experience travelling in Thailand.


Prior to using our Website and Services, please take some time to read these Terms and Conditions carefully and take these Terms & Conditions seriously. Regardless of whomever book the services, even the booking was made by a Third Party or on Customer behalf and Customer continued to use our  services, this means that Customer agrees to our  Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall be applied to all agreements concluded with us concerning the Collection, Deposit, and Transport of Luggage. If Customer does not accept these Terms and Conditions, please do not use our Website and Services. If Customer has a Booking that has been made on Customer’s behalf, please exercise Customer’s right to cancel Customer booking prior to Luggage Drop-off at the Airport or at the Hotel.


These Terms and Conditions shall form part of the contract between Bellugg and Customer using our website (www.bellugg.com) and our services of luggage delivery service business: (Please note that different Terms and Conditions may apply in certain situations)

  1. Definitions

Customer(s) means any person who contracts with or uses the services of Bellugg Group Co., Ltd. for the carriage and storage of luggage


Delivery Location means designated location that customers wish their luggage to be delivered to in which this location can be either the Airport, the Hotel or any specific Site

Our Location means our booth located at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Donmuang Airport, Chatuchak Weekend Market, The EmQuartier Shopping Mall and IconSiam Department Store

Drop off Location means location that customers leave their luggage await for delivery. Location can be the Airport, the Hotel or any specific Site

Pick-up Location means location that customers will pick up their luggage after the use of services. Location can be the Airport, the Hotel or any specific Site

Offline Booking means booking directly with us at our Location

– Online Booking means booking through our online reservation system on our Website. Or send us email or chat to reserve the availability of our services

– Booking through Third Party means booking with our partnership or travel agencies

Scheduled Time means date reserved for the use of services

– Luggage means a piece of luggage including all items contained therein.

– Luggage Drop Off Time means the agreed time either from Airport or Hotel for us to pick up the luggage

– Chat Applications includes Line, Kakao Talk, Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype or any similar application or platform


  1. Scope of service

The services to be provided by us, are limited to the collection, deposit, transportation, and delivery luggage.


  1. Service Conditions

3.1     Customer Booking and Reservation System

3.1.1  Customer Booking can be done through our Reservation                          System, contacting us through our communication channels                      include; Call, Email and Chat Applications.

3.1.2  Customer should at least contact us 12 hours in advance                          prior to Customer Drop-off Scheduled Time of using our                                   services, or else we reserve the right to deny providing the                        Services.

3.1.3  Customer Booking only becomes effective on Customer                           acceptance of these Terms and Conditions with a confirmation                          email to the Customer’s providing email address, or a                               confirmation notice via Chat Applications, or by tagging                                    luggage with the completed Carrier form.

3.1.4  If Customer did not reserve our Services in advance, Customer may use Offline Booking, contact us directly at Our Location to ask for the use of services. However, we reserve right to decline the acceptance of any walk-in Customers as the reservation may be full on the particular day and time.

3.1.5  We reserve the right to decline the acceptance of any                   Online Booking but if we do so, we will send Customer an                   email or chat to notice that effect.

3.1.6  We have no intention to cancel Customer Reservation                which may affect Customer travel arrangements. However,                  uncontrollable events may affect our operation, in which for the          safety of Customer Luggage, it may be necessary to cancel                   Customer reservation and we reserve the right to do so.

3.2     The price of our Services is shown in our Price List on our                        Website and is enforced at the time we confirm Customer                          booking. In case of any promotion, prices may vary from our                            Price List, thereby we will confirm our final price through                         email or Chat. We reserve the right to change our prices at any                           time, but price changes will not affect the confirmed Booking.

3.3     When Luggage is delivered to the Delivery Location, we will send Customer notification through our tracking system, email or Chat. If Customer requests for SMS text or call to contact Customer for luggage delivery issues, Customer are liable for any amount of payment to Customer mobile network provider for Customer receipt.

3.4     Unless otherwise indicated, the rates, charges, regulations, and                          service conditions published in these Terms and Conditions are                         applied to all luggage carriage services provided by us                              regardless of whether or not the carriage contract is made via                             Online Booking.

3.5     Rates, charges, regulations, and Terms and Conditions applying               to the          carriage of luggage will be those in effect on the date of                             the accomplishment of making the carriage contract.

3.6     All rates, charges, regulations, and service conditions published                in Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

3.7     We reserve the right to revise and change these Terms and                        Conditions. These Terms and Conditions can be revised and                     changed at any time by posting the revised Terms and                               Conditions on the Website and are effective and applicable                       immediately to all Bookings made as of and from the effective                            date.


  1. Effectiveness of Contract

4.1     Customer or his agents’ booking through our website                              (www.bellugg.com), or Our Location, or Hotel is deemed to be                           an offer. The carriage contract shall not be formed until it                         receives acceptance from us.

4.2     Carriage contract can be accepted directly from us or through                            our partnership, partnered hotels or agents.

4.3     We reserve the right to refuse or reject a carriage when, in our                            opinion, the carriage would be likely to cause damage or delay                           to other luggage, equipment or personnel, or when the carriage                          of the carriage is prohibited by law or is in violation of any of                           the service conditions in this website, as amended from time to                          time.


  1. Cancellation of contract

5.1     Customer’s right to cancel

5.1.1  Customer may cancel Customer Booking at least 24 hours           prior to the agreed Luggage Drop-off time by sending an email to booking@bellugg.com or chat to us or contacting us at +66 87 336 6666. Customer cancellation becomes effective from the time Customer receives a confirmation of Customer Booking Cancellation.


5.1.2  In the event of cancellation, Customer will receive full                     refund on the price that Customer have paid for the                        Booking within 7 working days on which                                        Customer gave us notice of cancellation.

5.1.3  Failing to notify us at least 24 hours prior to the agreed                                 Luggage Drop-off time, Customer Booking can be                                         cancelled, however, we shall not refund any payment                           paid in advance.


5.2     Our right to cancel

5.2.1  We reserve the right to cancel Customer Booking if the                            delivery address provided at the time of Booking is not                           an existing delivery address validated by us or is not                      searchable on electronic maps. If we are unable to                                    validate the Delivery Address, we will notify at the                         earliest and provide Customer the opportunity to provide                        us an alternative Delivery address.


5.2.2  Any misuse of Our Services by Customer or a third-party              for commercial gain will be rejected or cancelled by us.


5.2.3  We reserve the right to cancel Customer Booking if Customer fails to drop his/her luggage on the Luggage Drop-off time which is booked directly from our website or our third party later than 10 minutes. The booking will not be refundable.


5.2.4  The delivery from airport to hotel, if the customer does not have hotel booking voucher or any booking evidence providing to Bellugg’s staff, we reserve the right to cancel the Customer Booking.

5.2.5  The delivery from hotel to airport, if the customer does not provide any evidence to pick up the luggage include Hotel’s Bag Tag or Luggage’s Photo to us, and we can not retrieve the Customer’s luggage from the hotel, we reserve the right to cancel the Customer Booking without refunded money and will not be responsible for any effect.


  1. Principal parties and sub-contractors

6.1     The Customer contracts as the legal owner of Luggage or as the                authorized agent of such legal owner in which case the                              Customer warrants that he has the authority to accept these                     Conditions on behalf of the legal owner.

6.2     Unless written instructions to the contrary are received from                             the Customer, we may sub-contract part or the whole of                                    the carriage.

6.3     Where carriage of all or part of a contract is sub-contracted to a                        sea, air or rail carrier then the liability of us and of any sub-                      contractor shall be limited and/or excluded in accordance with                            the conditions of carriage of that sub-contractor or as provided                          for by statute or international convention.

6.4     Where part or the whole of the carriage has been subcontracted                         as provided for in Clause 6.2 above, such sub-contractors shall                         have the benefit of these Terms and Conditions and shall be                      under no greater liability to the Customer than or in addition to                         that of us under the Contract and the Customer agrees with us                           that no claim shall be made against a sub-contractor in addition                         to or in excess of the limitations and/or exclusions of liability as               set out in these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Consignment notes/receipts

7.1     The Customer shall, if requested, sign consignment notes                         and/or a document acknowledging receipt for the carriage of the               quantity and description         of the Luggage loaded on to our                           vehicle, to the extent this can be determined, by visual                               inspection. The burden of proof in the event of dispute is the                              responsibility of the Customer.

7.2     We shall use our best endeavors to obtain a signed receipt of                             delivery of the Luggage from the Customer unless otherwise                             agreed with the Customer.


  1. Payment

The payment for our services can be either paid in advance by our online payment system or paid in cash with us at Our Location. Either Customer is using our services from Airport to the Delivery Location or from The Delivery Location to Airport, payment shall be proceeded online by our online payment system or in cash at Our Location. Payment may also be made by credit card.

The Customer must pay the extra service fee in case adding on the amount of luggage based on the Company’s Price list.

 Presenting Luggage for the use of our Services

9.1     When Customer hands over his Luggage to us, before we accept his Luggage, we retain right to proceed the examination process by means selected by us to identify potential explosive objects or illegal things. If Customer’s Luggage was detected any potential explosive objects or illegal things, we have right to request Customer to unlock and open Customer Luggage for physical examination. In case Customer refuses to proceed the examination process, that means Customer do not accept our Terms & Conditions, thereby we have right to decline the acceptance of Customer’s Luggage.

9.2     For reasons of safety and security, we reserve the right to search              the Luggage in Customer’s absence if he is not available, for the                purpose of determining whether the Customer is in possession                           of or whether the Luggage contains any unacceptable or                                     prohibited items. If the Customer refuses to comply with such                            searches, we reserve the right to refuse carriage of the Luggage                           without refund of fare to the Customer and without any other                            liability to the Customer. In the event that a search causes                         damage to the Luggage, we shall not be liable for such damage                           unless the same is due to our fault or negligence.

9.3     When Customer’s Luggage is deposited with us, Customer                        Luggage must be properly closed and locked. Please ensure and                verify, before handling us Customer’s Luggage, that Customer’s                Luggage is properly closed and locked; we shall not be liable                              for any missing items or damage if the Luggage had not been                              closed and locked properly.

9.4     If an Order has been agreed and the size of the Luggage does                             not correspond with the size detailed in the order or Customer                           disagrees with any         remarks done by our agents to note specific                              details or damage happened to Customer’s Luggage prior to                    using our services, we reserve the right to decline to transport                            Customer’s Luggage.

9.5     We will only transport the Luggage with individual Order                         detailed Customer personal information. If Customer wishes to                          deliver two or more Luggage, Customer will need numbers of                             Order corresponding with numbers of        Customer’s Luggage. If                      the Order was reserved through Online Booking, Customer                       should identify numbers of Luggage which the Customer                                    wishes to use our services.

9.6     In case Customer is travelling as a group, each Order shall be                            filled in individually according to the ownership of the                                       Luggage. We reserve the right to decline the acceptance if there                 is no valid personal information provided.

9.7     Customer has duty to declare the value of his Luggage to us by filling the provided form. Any Luggage whose value exceeds the amount of BAHT 50,000 (approximately $1,400) per piece may not be presented to us for using our services. Please note that valuables must not be stored in Luggage. Valuables include gold, jewelry, money, any form of cheques, travel/official/business/nondisclosure or any important documents or identifications, laptop and any form of metal objects. If such items are stored in Luggage, we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred to the items. In addition, prohibited items including explosive or flammable objects, fresh foods and living animals must not be stored in Luggage. However, in the event the Luggage worth over BAHT 50,000 or $1,400 are presented by Customer and accepted by us, such acceptance shall not be cover the valuables contained therein and the Delivery of Luggage of such value shall be at Customer own risk.


  1. Our responsibility

10.1   We shall provide our Services with greatest care to ensure                        Customer’s Luggage shall not be damaged during Collection,                              Deposit, and Transportation and to ensure Customer Luggage is              delivered to the Delivery Location.

10.2   If we fail to deliver the Luggage to the Delivery Location due to                events outside our control, we shall not refund Customer                                    payment to Customer. Unless           we fail to deliver the Luggage                      to the Delivery Location arising from our fault, we       will fully                         refund Customer payment to Customer with Customer consent                          to deliver Customer Luggage to Customer desired Delivery                       Location.

10.3   Our responsibility for the carriage shall commence when we                             have taken physical control of the Luggage at the point of                        collection.

10.4   Our responsibility for the carriage shall end when we, our                        agents or sub-contractors relinquish physical control of                                      Luggage at the Delivery Location.

10.5    We shall not be responsible for loss and damage occurred to the               Luggage during storage or hotel’s possession or storage of the                            Luggage.

10.6   We shall not be responsible for loss and damage of the Luggage                or of any items contained therein which has occurred before                      Customer hands over the        Luggage to us and after we hands                         over the Luggage to the Drop-off Location.

10.7   We have no liability for damage or loss of protruding baggage parts such as wheels, straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks or other items attached to baggage.

10.8   The insurance claim period will be between 15-30 working days after the claim form is submitted to our partnered insurance company.


  1. Liability for loss, damage or delay

11.1   Subject to these Terms and Conditions we shall be liable for:

11.1.1         Any loss of or damage to the Luggage occurring whilst                                       we have responsibility for the carriage subject to Clause                                       10 above;

11.1.2 Any delay in the carriage of the Luggage arising from                              the negligence of us.

11.2    If the Luggage cannot be returned within 14 days after                              Scheduled Time, the Luggage is considered to be lost. We shall                           be liable for the lost Luggage with a maximum of THB 50,000                           or $1,400 per piece of Luggage, regardless of the value of the                             content that has been lost.

11.3   We are liable for damage to Customer’s Luggage which is                occurred due to our fault or negligence. The Customer must           report any damage to us immediately after the Luggage has been delivered to the Delivery Location. Claims can be made by completing the “Claim Form” available at Our Location.

11.4   If the Luggage cannot be returned within 3 hours after specified period, we   shall be liable for the delayed delivery of Luggage; provided that, the passenger         sent the claim to us pursuant to Clause 15 below.


  1. Exception of our liability

12.1   We shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or miss-delivery                          of Luggage arising         from: Bullion, Precious Metals,                            Precious Stones, Money (whether in note   or coin form),                           Valuables, Securities, Stamps, Legal or Business Documents,                             Living Creatures or anything of a similar nature unless:

12.1.1         Despite knowing the above causes, we have agreed in                              writing to carry such goods at the specific request of the                                     Customer prior to commencement of the transit; and

12.1.2 The Customer has agreed to reimburse us with all                                             additional costs necessarily incurred as a direct result of                                     our agreeing to carry such goods;

12.2   We shall be relieved of all liability if such loss, damage or                         delay arising from the effect of:

12.2.1         Act of God;

12.2.2         Any consequence of war, act of foreign power,                                         terrorism, requisition or          destruction of or damage to                                  property by or under the order of any government or                               public or local authority;

12.2.3         Seizure or forfeiture under legal process; act, omission,                                       mis-statement or misrepresentation by the Customer or                                       other owner of the goods or by servants or agents of                                 either of them;

12.2.4         Inherent liability due to wastage in bulk or weight, latent                                       defect or inherent defect, vice or natural deterioration of                                       the goods;

12.2.5         Any special handling requirements in respect of the                                   goods which have not been notified to us;

12.2.6         Insufficient or improper packaging, unless we have                                   contracted to provide this service;

12.2.7         Riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout, general or partial                                       stoppage or restraint of labour’s from whatever cause;

12.2.8         Delay in providing to our safe and adequate access and/or                              delivering instructions;

12.2.9  Fraud on the part of the Customer, or of his servants or                                   agents in respect of all or any part of the carriage

12.3   We shall not be liable for any penalty caused by illegal items                             stored in the Luggage.

12.4   We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay occurred                             from willful          act or gross negligence of Customer or his servants                    or agents.

12.5   We shall not be liable if the Customer does not report any damage to us immediately after the Luggage has been delivered to the Delivery Location, and report us later, we reserve right the refuse the any liability


  1. Limitation of our liability

13.1   In the case of loss or damage, we shall be responsible for the                             actual value          of the Luggage being lost or damaged, as the case                              may be. In case of damage, we          shall be responsible for only                              part of the Luggage that was damaged due to our         fault. In any                       event, including loss, damage and delay, Customer                                   acknowledges and agrees that our liability is limited to and shall               not exceed BAHT 50,000 or $1,400 per a piece of Luggage,                      regardless of the actual value of the Luggage.

13.2   Our liability for any delay or consequential loss shall not                                   exceed the   amount of the claimant’s bona fide loss or the                        amount of the carriage charges         whichever shall be the smaller                             unless agreement has been made previously in writing between                          the Customer and us for a specific level of liability for such                       delay or consequential loss.

13.3   Whether or not occurring in the normal course of business, we                           shall not be liable to the Customer for any indirect, special, or                           consequential loss such as opportunity and business losses.

13.4  Please note that we will take no responsibility any loss or                         damage occurring to the following items carried in the                               Luggage:

– Weapons

– Dangerous goods

– Flawed items

– Living things

– Non-packaging goods such as a bulk, vehicles etc.

– All vegetables and fruits, trees, flowers, perishable foods,             frozen foods

– All kind of items that require temperature control

– Fragile and framable goods

– All portable electronic equipment

– Cigarette

– Pre-paid card

– All kind of commodities and valuable object such as diamond,          gem, gold, money, bond and etc.

– Valuables such as watches, mobile phone, computer notebook,          camera, etc.


We reserve the right to deny carrying the above goods if made known to us. It is Customer’s responsibility to declare whether any of the above items are contained in the Luggage. In the event that we elect to carry such items, we will not be liable for any loss or damage occurs to us.



  1. Exceeding the term of storage or term of use

14.1   If the luggage has not been collected within the term for which                           temporary storage has been agreed on, we shall have right to                             store the Luggage elsewhere as well as collect additional                                     payment from overdue.

14.2  In case that Customer requests us to keep the Luggage longer than expected time in the Order, Customer shall provide us another specific Pick-up date, in which during this time Customer shall pay us for overstoring fees of Baht 100 per day per piece.


  1. Claims Procedure

All claims against us must be notified in writing to booking @bellugg.com within 6 hours from the time that Customer has reclaimed or received the Luggage or, in the case of loss or delay, became aware or ought to have been aware that the Luggage was lost or arrived late. We reserve right to refuse taking responsibility for damage, loss or delay if the claim is sent more than 6 hours from the above point of time.


  1. Customer’s responsibilities

16.1   Customer must be over 20 years of age to enter into a Contract                         with us. If Customer is not age-qualified, please do not use our                          services.

16.2   To use our services, we require Customer to provide Customer                          national passport ID at Drop off Location and Pick-up Location.             Customer will be asked to fill in Customer personal information              in accordance with Customer national passport ID on our                           Luggage tagging at Drop off Location. At the Pick-up Location,                    Customer may or may not be asked to present Customer                               passport to verify Customer ownership of the Luggage                                       delivered.

16.3   Customer warrant that Customer are responsible for the                                    Luggage and its content; and that the Luggage does not contain                          perishable items, possessions which is illegal by Thai Laws and                International Laws, livestock, foodstuffs, and unprotected                        fragile items.

16.4   Customer must adhere to Thai Laws for not having illegal items               in Customer Luggage. If Customer items or Customer Luggage                           were destroyed or          taken away from Officer, the damage or loss                 occurred is not our liability.

16.5   If there is any linkage claim direct or indirect to us for legal                       responsible all payment, compensation, legal cost shall be                        responsible and subject to Customer.

16.6   Customer must have reasonable protection measures in place                            for fragile items and Customer has ensured that it is safe for                     handling and transportation.

16.7   Customer must declare the estimated value of the Luggage and                          items contained in the Luggage. In particular, Customer must                            notify us well in advance, before the carriage is taken place,                      whether prohibited items or items which we do not take                                     responsibility for delay, loss and delay, as above indicated, are                          contained in the Luggage.

16.8   Customer must abide by all other terms and conditions as                         indicated herein.

16.9   Customer must agree to provide all necessary information to use the services such as hotel booking voucher, luggage’s photo, hotel luggage’s tag.


  1. Customer’s indemnity to Bellugg

The Customer shall indemnify us against:

17.1   losses suffered by us arising from any negligent act, negligent                            omission, negligent misdirection or negligent misstatement by                            the Customer, his servants or agents;

17.2   claims of any nature for loss or damage resulting from the                        carriage of   Dangerous Substances where the Customer’s                         responsibilities have not been met;

17.3   claims and demands of any nature in respect of loss of or                                   damage to the goods made by any Third Party additional to or                          in excess of the limits of liability of us.

17.4   any claims made or penalties imposed by the Commissioners of               Customs and Excise in respect of dutiable goods;

17.5   claims and demands made by a Third Party attributable to lack                         of authority          on the part of the Customer to enter into the                                    Contract upon these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Disposal of the goods by Bellugg

18.1   In the event that we are unable for any reason beyond our                         reasonable control to deliver the Luggage in accordance with                              the Contract, we shall seek further instructions from the                                     Customer. Our reasonable additional charges for retaining the                            goods pending the arrival of such further instructions and for                             carrying out those instructions shall be chargeable to the                                    Customer.

18.2   Subject to the provisions contained in Clause 18.2 (a) to (c)                      below, where we (a) are unable to contact Customer; or (b) do                            not obtain instruction from the Customer within days from the                          date that we asked the Customer; or (c) the Customer has not                             retaken the Luggage within 1 months from the date of Delivery,                we may sell or dispose the Luggage including any items                                 contained therein. Payment or tender of the net proceeds to the                       Customer after deductions of all costs of and charges for                                carriage, other services incidental to the carriage chargeable                     under the contract, storage and disposal and expenses in relation               to the          Luggage and items contained           therein shall (without                        prejudice to any claim or right           which the Customer may have                             against us otherwise arising under the Terms and Conditions)                         discharge us from all liability in respect of such Luggage and                       items, their carriage and storage.

(a) The Luggage and items contained therein may not be sold unless we shall have made reasonable efforts (having regard, if appropriate, to the perishable nature of the goods) to notify the Customer of our intention to sell such Luggage and items. The Luggage and items may then be sold unless within reasonable time (such time to be specified in the notice) the Customer shall have arranged to collect them or given instructions for their disposal and have paid, without prejudice, all outstanding charges as referred to in this Condition including any charges which may have been incurred during the time that the Luggage and items have been stored. We may sell perishable items before their expiry date, even if it has not sought instruction from Customer.

(b) Pending the expiry of such periods of notice as aforesaid and of disposal of the Luggage and items under these provisions we shall at the expense of the Customer have authority to arrange proper storage of the Luggage. During such period of storage the goods will be held at “owners risk” and we shall not be liable for loss or damage of such Luggage and items howsoever caused.


(c) In the event of a sale under this Clause we shall do what is reasonable to obtain the market value of the carriage (subject to any unavoidable deterioration thereof). If the Luggage or items contained therein have no market value, then we may dispose of them subject to compliance with all legal requirements in force in respect of such Luggage and items.

18.3   Subject to the provision of Clause 18.1 above, and in                                     circumstances in which we are unable to obtain further written                                instructions, we may, in respect of Dangerous Goods only, at                                  our sole discretion dispose of the goods or return them to the                                  Customer. Where such action is taken by us, it shall comply                           with all prevailing legal requirements that may be in force in                           respect of the Luggage and items. Any such action taken by us                                 under this Clause shall be at the sole risk and expense of the                           Customer.


  1. Severability

If any part of these terms is not enforceable, this will not affect the enforceability of any other part.


  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All Terms and Conditions concluded by us shall be governed by the law of Thailand and shall subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Thailand.


Any queries, complaints, or suggestions are welcome which can be sent to booking@bellugg.com



(For Customer): I have read all of the above Terms and Conditions. I understand and unconditionally accept and agree to the said Terms and Conditions and have waived right to challenge or refute and shall not refute to such terms and conditions for whatsoever circumstances and reasons.