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Questions and Answer

Q : How can I book the service?

A : You can go to this link http://system.bellugg.com/Booking/LuggageDelivery for booking by yourself or Contact us via

Line/We chat/Kakaotalk/whatsapp ID : Bellugg

Q : How can I pay the money?

A : For Online booking, you can pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Master card and JCB. Either you are using our services from the Airport to the Hotels or from the Hotels to the Airport, you can simply book through our website. If you have difficulty booking online, please contact us. Please note that if your luggage size is larger or smaller than your reservation, additional charge or reduction may occur.

Q : How do I know that my booking is confirmed or not?

A : Once we receive your booking, we will send you the confirmation email that contains your reservation details. Please take this moment to recheck whether your reservation is correct or not. If not, please do not hesitate to reply us with the corrected information.

Q : What information do I need to provide to book the services?

A : We provide our service from both ways, “Airport to Hotel” and “Hotel to Airport” Please note that each direction requires different information as below:

From Airport to Hotel
  • Name-Surname
  • Passport ID
  • Email
  • Arrival flight Designated Location (Hotel Name)
  • Size of Luggage: S-M-L
From Hotel to Airport
  • Name-Surname
  • Passport ID
  • Email
  • Departure flight Pick-up Location Drop-off time and date
  • Size of Luggage: S-M-L

Q : How long does it take my luggage to be delivered?

 A : From “Airport to Hotel”, if you drop-off your luggage before 05.00PM, your luggage will be delivered to your designated destination after 9.00PM. If you drop-off your luggage 12.00AM onward, your luggage will be delivered to your destination before 7.00PM From “Express Service”, your luggage will be delivered to the Airport at least 4 hours prior to your departure time.

Q : If my luggage doesn’t have standard size (bag pack, foldable bag or etc.), how can you charge the price?

 A : To ensure that your luggage will be delivered to your designated destination without any scratch, we designed to have the plastic cover which dedicated to each size of the luggage (S, M, L). Regardless of the size of your luggage, if your belongings can be put in one of our standard plastic cover, we will charge you with that price.

Q : Can I use credit card to pay?

A : Yes, you can use your credit card for the payment. We accept Visa, Master card, JCB.

Q : How can I contact you for the emergency?

A : You can call us +6688 654 5651(English Call Center)

Q : What if my luggage cannot be delivered to airport on time?

A : Please do not worry, we will not let it happen. If it happens, we can ensure that we will deliver your luggage back to your home country at our cost.

Q : Can I cancel the booking?

A :  Sure, you can cancel your booking at any time and we will refund to you if you cancel before 24hrs.

Q : Is it possible to deliver my luggage to your booth and store my luggage for a few days? And I will come pick up my luggage later on?

A :  If you use the Luggage Delivery Service, we can store your luggage safely for free 7days. However, you need to inform us the specific pick up date. In case that you are unable to pick up at your specified date, additional charge will be 100Baht/Day.

Q : Is it safe to deposit my luggage at your booth?

A : rely locked and monitored at all time. In addition, we also have insurance covering any incidents happen to your luggage while it is being stored at our storage.Of course it is safe.

Q : Why do I need to use your services?

A : It is because we do care your luggage as ours. Every process of operation, we do by ourselves (In-House) including truck deliver, GPS system, and so on in order to control and monitor the service’s quality, and make sure that your beloved luggage will be deliver safely and on-time.

Q : Why does my bag need to be x-rayed?

A : All luggage will be scanned for security reasons, and you will be asked to remove electrical items from your luggage for scanning. You may be requested to open your baggage for mandatory handsearch as per the above regulations. Failure to accede to the stringent security requirements will result in your baggage being refused for storage, and further action may be taken including referral to the Police and/or Security

Q : Is there CCTV coverage in all Left Baggage storage locations?

A : Yes all our premises are monitored by 24hr CCTV coverage.

Q : Is my luggage safe?

A : Yes all baggage is stored in a dedicated secure left luggage storage area

Q : Are 3rd party collections possible - ie person A deposits baggage and person B collects?

A : The depository will only return the deposited item to the customer or his/her authorized representative upon presentation of valid receipt. The customer or his/her representative must also show an official form of identification. (Passport / ID card etc.)

Q : Are transfers to other Excess Baggage Company operated Left Luggage/Baggage storage shops, or to domestic destinations possible?

A : Yes, extra fees will be added, depending on where the transfer is. Storage will continue to be charged during the time that the baggage remains in store with us. And please contact directly to our customer service via

Line ID : Bellugg

We chat ID : Bellugg

Kakaotalk ID : bellugg

whatsapp : Bellugg

Q : What happens if I lose my ticket/receipt?

A : You will be required to show appropriate identification or passport, and you must be able to detail the contents of the baggage.

Q : What happens if my baggage sustains damage whilst in storage?

A : This is extremely unlikely as we only place your baggage on to storage racks. Baggage that is found to be damaged on receipt by our staff, may or may not be accepted for storage. Damaged bags may be noted at the time of receipt.

We will not be liable for damage to baggage stored. Our liability, in any event, for loss, theft or damage occasioned to baggage in storage or transit from storage is limited to 10,000 THB per order.

Q : How much does a storage costs ?

A : We charge you by only “Size”, no weight & distance restriction. Each item will be charged at a rate of 100 THB for small size / 120 THB for Medium size / 150 THB for large size per 24-hours period. If item stored for over 24-hours will be charged at rate of half price per 12-hours period (any part of 12-hours will be charged at 50/60/75 THB)

Q : What information do I need to provide to book the services?

A : We require information as below:

  • Name-Surname
  • Passport ID
  • Email
  • Flight
  • Pick up / Drop-off time and date
  • Number of your luggage

Q : Can I use credit card to pay?

A :  No, you can’t use your credit card for the payment. We accept cash in THB only.

Q : What items are prohibited from being carried in my baggage?

A :  The depository will only accept property that is in a good condition. Valuable item will be accepted for deposit. (see Customer’s declaration form)