Luggage Delivery Service

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Start From 150 Baht


What is Bellugg?

Bellugg is an On-Demand Luggage Delivery Service between Airport and Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.
Baggage delivery provides total travel convenience without the hassle and inconvenience of waiting in line and having to drop of your luggage before your vacation can begin.

First Luggage Delivery Tracking System in Thailand

We understand how you feel when you have to leave your belonggings with the stranger.
Now you can track your luggage's status in real-time

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Guarantee to be No.1 Luggage Delivery in Thailand by Providing Our Service With More Attention in Every Details and Aspects


Carrier, Fire and Stolen Insurance up to 50,000 Baht


Free Luggage Deposit for 15 Days Maximum


Only 3 Simple Sizes with Transparent Measurement


Foldable Bag

150 ฿

Width: 40-60 CM .
Hight: 30-40 CM

No Weight & Distance Restriction


Size S

300 ฿

Below 22 Inch

No Weight & Distance Restriction


Size M

450 ฿

Over 22 Inch

No Weight & Distance Restriction


Size Other

600 ฿

Sport Equipment, TV and etc.

No Weight & Distance Restriction


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